wiki:detect a RenderObject is destroyed unsafely

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Issue RenderObject lifetimes RO destroyed in Node::detach(), which is badly named.


anonymous containers continuations multicol stuff who else is pointing at you

float lists in lines continuations line boxes around inline replaced elements

Would like a WeakPtr system (but high memory cost)

Why do you use RefPtr

secondary use can hold a ref

Can we use OwnPtr?

just helps you not leak, and documents explicit ownership we don't use OwnPtrs because of RenderArenas are they still a useful opt? Need to measure

RO guard is like a debug-only RefPtr. Maybe that's how it should be implemented.

Two approaches

  1. Global "I'm holding a ref to some renderer, so don't destroy any". Addresses risk of being too specific
  2. Smart-pointer type object: RenderPtr

Actionable things Rename the detach() method