23:24 Changeset [24816] by aroben
  • 2 edits in trunk/WebKitTools

When DRT crashes, record stderr and restart DRT

This prevents a DRT crash from causing the next few hundred tests to
"fail" because DRT is no longer running.

I also changed the terminology that run-webkit-tests uses in its
output a bit, so that crashing tests are referred to as "crashes"
instead of "failures".

Reviewed by Mark.

  • Scripts/run-webkit-tests: Detect a crash and record it as a tool failure. (sub openDumpTool): Use open3 so that we can access stderr. (sub dumpToolCrashed): Added. (sub printFailureMessageForTest): Added. (sub htmlForExpectedAndActualResults): Added. (sub deleteExpectedAndActualResults): Added. (sub recordActualResultsAndDiff): Added.
21:21 Changeset [24815] by treat
  • 5 edits
    2 adds in trunk

Add an interface to manage global history for clients

19:24 Changeset [24814] by treat
  • 3 edits in trunk/WebCore

Do not call update or repaint from inside a paint event.

18:43 Changeset [24813] by andersca
  • 2 edits in trunk/WebKit

Fix build.

  • Misc/WebNSURLExtras.mm: (+[NSURL _web_URLWithUserTypedString:relativeToURL:]): (-[NSURL _web_userVisibleString]): (-[NSURL _web_URLWithLowercasedScheme]): (-[NSURL _web_dataForURLComponentType:]):
18:18 Changeset [24812] by aliceli1
  • 2 edits
    1 move in trunk/WebKit

Reviewed by .

Making WebNSURLExtras objc++

  • Misc/WebNSURLExtras.m: Removed.
  • Misc/WebNSURLExtras.mm: Copied from WebKit/Misc/WebNSURLExtras.m.
  • WebKit.xcodeproj/project.pbxproj:
18:15 Changeset [24811] by darin
  • 3 edits in trunk/WebKit

Reviewed by Anders Carlsson and Kevin Decker.

  • fix <rdar://problem/5377432> Removal of MakeDataExecutable from 64-bit breaks WebKit build

The trick was to ifdef out more of the code that's only needed to support CFM, which exists
only for 32-bit PowerPC.

  • Plugins/WebNetscapePluginPackage.h: Define a SUPPORT_CFM symbol in this internal header when we support CFM. We support it only on 32-bit PowerPC. Only define the isBundle, isCFM, and connID fields when SUPPORT_CFM is on. Also use ResFileRefNum instead of SInt16.
  • Plugins/WebNetscapePluginPackage.m: Only compile the function pointer and transition vector functions when SUPPORT_CFM is on. (-[WebNetscapePluginPackage openResourceFile]): Put the non-bundle case inside a SUPPORT_CFM ifdef, since all non-CFM plug-ins are bundles. (-[WebNetscapePluginPackage closeResourceFile:]): Ditto. (-[WebNetscapePluginPackage _initWithPath:]): Use SUPPORT_CFM to compile out the code for non-bundle and bundle-based CFM plug-ins, and code that sets isBundle and isCFM. (-[WebNetscapePluginPackage executableType]): Put the CFM case inside SUPPORT_CFM. (-[WebNetscapePluginPackage load]): Put the non-bundle and CFM cases inside SUPPORT_CFM. There was a bit of dead code here. (-[WebNetscapePluginPackage _unloadWithShutdown:]): Put the non-bundle case inside SUPPORT_CFM.
17:35 Changeset [24810] by thatcher
  • 3 edits in trunk/WebCore

Reviewed by Justin.

<rdar://problem/5376156> Mail crash in DeleteButtonController::hide() when dropping selected image on DIV's border

Add the container element back so the selection can not touch the deletion UI nodes. The container
has style to prevent user selection, user drag and user modification.

  • editing/DeleteButtonController.cpp: (WebCore::DeleteButtonController::show): Make the container node, and append the button and outline elements. (WebCore::DeleteButtonController::hide): Remove the container elements and null out the other nodes.
  • editing/DeleteButtonController.h:
17:30 Changeset [24809] by darin
  • 4 edits in trunk/JavaScriptCore

Reviewed by Kevin McCullough.

  • fix <rdar://problem/5375186> pointers to pieces of class definition passed to JSClassCreate should all be const
  • API/JSObjectRef.h: Added const.
  • API/JSClassRef.cpp: (OpaqueJSClass::OpaqueJSClass): Added const. (OpaqueJSClass::create): Added const.
  • API/JSObjectRef.cpp: (JSClassCreate): Added const.
14:14 Changeset [24808] by sfalken
  • 8 edits in trunk

Build mod: Fix sln to match configs in vcproj.

Reviewed by Adam.

12:52 Changeset [24807] by zbujtas
  • 6 edits in S60/branches/3.1m

2007-07-31 yadavall <sriram.yadavalli@nokia.com>

Reviewed by Zalan Bujtas (zbujtas@gmail.com).
DESC: Fixes for Menu API

12:47 Changeset [24806] by zbujtas
  • 2 edits in S60/trunk/WebCore

rathnasa, reviewed by zbujtas

DESC: TSW Id: ELTA-756J4Z When user focused the different links, the other sections are not hidden.

12:47 BuildingGdk edited by treat@kde.org
The two linux ports do not share the same dependencies. (diff)
12:45 Changeset [24805] by zbujtas
  • 2 edits in S60/branches/3.1m/WebCore

2007-07-30 rathnasa <sornalatha.rathnasamy@nokia.com>

Reviewed by zbujtas.
DESC: TSW Id: ELTA-756J4Z When user focused the different links, the other sections are not hidden.

12:43 BuildingOnLinux edited by treat@kde.org
Leave the buidling instructions for the pages specifically intended for … (diff)
12:05 WikiStart edited by treat@kde.org
Go directly to the port's specific content page. We are talking about … (diff)
11:54 BuildingGdk edited by alp@atoker.com
Port is now maintained (diff)
09:53 Changeset [24804] by yongjzha
  • 2 edits in S60/trunk/WebCore

w3liu, reviewed by <yongjun.zhang@nokia.com>

DESC: FPER-74HDN2: Strange character are shown instead of Chinese on www.sina.com.cn


  • khtml/khtml_part.cpp: (KHTMLPart::write):
07:22 BuildingOnLinux edited by samuel.verstraete@gmail.com
just fixed some "typo's" (diff)
07:16 BuildingOnLinux edited by hausmann@webkit.org


22:42 BuildingOnLinux edited by vprajan@gmail.com
22:40 BuildingOnLinux edited by vprajan@gmail.com
22:40 WikiStart edited by vprajan@gmail.com
22:39 BuildingOnLinux edited by vprajan@gmail.com
21:30 Changeset [24803] by oliver
  • 2 edits in trunk/LayoutTests

fast/encoding/char-encoding.html no longer needs to be in the Leopard skiplist

  • mac/leopard/Skipped:
17:40 Changeset [24802] by harrison
  • 2 edits in trunk/WebCore

Reviewed by Justin.

<rdar://problem/5362659> CrashTracer: [USER] 11 crashes in Mail at WebCore::InsertLineBreakCommand::doApply()

The problem was that deleting with the X control leaves the selection inside the fragment that was deleted.

  • editing/DeleteButtonController.cpp: (WebCore::DeleteButtonController::deleteTarget): Because the deletion UI only appears when the selection is entirely within the target, we unconditionally update the selection to be a caret where the target had been.
17:36 Changeset [24801] by adele
  • 17 edits
    4 adds
    4 deletes in trunk


Reviewed by Hyatt.

Updated tests for <rdar://problem/5339395> REGRESSION:http://sudokucraving.com does not render grid correctly

  • fast/forms/input-appearance-minWidth.html: Removed. This test is covered by fast/replaced/width100percent-textfield.html.
  • fast/forms/input-appearance-minWidth-expected.checksum: Removed.
  • fast/forms/input-appearance-minWidth-expected.png: Removed.
  • fast/forms/input-appearance-minWidth-expected.txt: Removed.
  • fast/forms/input-table-expected.checksum:
  • fast/forms/input-table-expected.png:
  • fast/forms/input-table-expected.txt:
  • fast/replaced/width100percent-menulist-expected.checksum:
  • fast/replaced/width100percent-menulist-expected.png:
  • fast/replaced/width100percent-menulist-expected.txt:
  • fast/replaced/width100percent-searchfield-expected.checksum: Added.
  • fast/replaced/width100percent-searchfield-expected.png: Added.
  • fast/replaced/width100percent-searchfield-expected.txt: Added.
  • fast/replaced/width100percent-searchfield.html: Added.
  • fast/replaced/width100percent-textarea-expected.checksum:
  • fast/replaced/width100percent-textarea-expected.png:
  • fast/replaced/width100percent-textarea-expected.txt:
  • fast/replaced/width100percent-textfield-expected.checksum:
  • fast/replaced/width100percent-textfield-expected.png:
  • fast/replaced/width100percent-textfield-expected.txt:


Reviewed by Hyatt.

Fix for <rdar://problem/5339395> REGRESSION:http://sudokucraving.com does not render grid correctly

  • rendering/RenderTextControl.h: (WebCore::RenderTextControl::hasControlClip): Clip for search fields.
  • rendering/RenderTextControl.cpp: (WebCore::RenderTextControl::controlClipRect): Added a control clip so the search field's cancel button and magnifier glass never draw outside the control's bounds. (WebCore::RenderTextControl::calcPrefWidths): Only include the inner box's padding when calculating the min/max width without using calcContentBoxWidth. Our old behavior was causing that inner padding to get counted twice. Also, no need to add in the border for an inner box that can't be controlled from outside this class.
  • rendering/RenderMenuList.cpp: (WebCore::RenderMenuList::calcPrefWidths): ditto.
17:20 Changeset [24800] by andersca
  • 2 edits in trunk/WebCore

Reviewed by Geoff.

Speculative fix for <rdar://problem/5359695>
REGRESSION (Tiger Beta): Multiple crashes in WebCore::Widget::getView() const + 6

  • page/EventHandler.cpp: (WebCore::EventHandler::updateDragAndDrop): Null check the frame view.
14:17 Changeset [24799] by thatcher
  • 7 edits in trunk


Reviewed by Oliver and Beth.

<rdar://problem/5211271> ADOBE Leopard 9A410: At the first Launching InDesign after deactivate, EULA page gets blanked.

Rename needsAcrobatFrameReloadingQuirk to needsAdobeFrameReloadingQuirk, since this now applies to more Adobe applications.

  • WebCore.exp:
  • page/Settings.cpp: (WebCore::Settings::Settings): (WebCore::Settings::setNeedsAdobeFrameReloadingQuirk):
  • page/Settings.h: (WebCore::Settings::needsAcrobatFrameReloadingQuirk):


Reviewed by Oliver and Beth.

<rdar://problem/5211271> ADOBE Leopard 9A410: At the first Launching InDesign after deactivate, EULA page gets blanked.

Check for more Adobe applications that need the frame reload quirk. Also cache the answer
so the version check dosen't happen more than once.

  • WebView/WebView.mm: (-[WebView _needsAdobeFrameReloadingQuirk]): (-[WebView _updateWebCoreSettingsFromPreferences:]):
13:29 Changeset [24798] by beidson
  • 7 edits
    2 adds in trunk


Reviewed by Brady

Test for http://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=14757
HTMLTokenizer::processingData implementation is incorrect

  • http/tests/loading/slow-parsing-subframe-expected.txt: Added.
  • http/tests/loading/slow-parsing-subframe.html: Added.


Reviewed by Brady and Darin, tweaked by Brady, landed by Brady

Fix for http://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=14757 and <rdar://problem/5364692>
HTMLTokenizer::processingData implementation is incorrect

  • html/HTMLTokenizer.cpp: (WebCore::HTMLTokenizer::processingData): Made it also return true if the HTMLTokenizer was inside the write() call.
  • loader/FrameLoader.cpp: (WebCore::FrameLoader::FrameLoader): (WebCore::FrameLoader::checkLoadCompleteTimerFired): (WebCore::FrameLoader::scheduleCheckLoadComplete): (WebCore::FrameLoader::stopForUserCancel): Changed a call to checkLoadComplete to be asynchronous, since stopForUserCancel can be called while parsing.
  • loader/FrameLoader.h:
12:54 Changeset [24797] by adele
  • 2 edits in trunk/WebKit

Reviewed by Oliver.

Fix for <rdar://problem/5308020> REGRESSION: Command-N with Dvorak-Qwerty keyboard layout stopped working inside web page text fields

  • WebView/WebHTMLView.mm: (-[WebHTMLView _handleStyleKeyEquivalent:]): The input method may have modified the character we get, so don't use charactersIgnoringModifiers to interpret the character we get.
12:08 Changeset [24796] by andersca
  • 3 edits in trunk/WebCore

Reviewed by Geoff.

REGRESSION: PLT .5% slower due to r24451 (copying HTMLCollection objects)

Make the hash maps store CollectionInfo pointers to reduce amount of copying when
inserting/rehashing etc.

  • dom/Document.cpp: (WebCore::Document::~Document): (WebCore::Document::nameCollectionInfo):
  • dom/Document.h:
11:38 Changeset [24795] by adele
  • 4 edits in trunk/LayoutTests

Reviewed by Beth.

Updated this test to force display to happen earlier. This works around a bug in DRT that draws the scrollbars in a different way from Safari.

  • fast/replaced/width100percent-textarea-expected.checksum:
  • fast/replaced/width100percent-textarea-expected.png:
  • fast/replaced/width100percent-textarea.html:
11:27 Changeset [24794] by adele
  • 1 edit
    28 adds
    4 deletes in trunk/LayoutTests

Reviewed by Sam.

Breaking up fast/replaced/width100percent.html into separate tests for the different elements.

  • fast/replaced/width100percent-button-expected.checksum: Added.
  • fast/replaced/width100percent-button-expected.png: Added.
  • fast/replaced/width100percent-button-expected.txt: Added.
  • fast/replaced/width100percent-button.html: Added.
  • fast/replaced/width100percent-checkbox-expected.checksum: Added.
  • fast/replaced/width100percent-checkbox-expected.png: Added.
  • fast/replaced/width100percent-checkbox-expected.txt: Added.
  • fast/replaced/width100percent-checkbox.html: Added.
  • fast/replaced/width100percent-image-expected.checksum: Added.
  • fast/replaced/width100percent-image-expected.png: Added.
  • fast/replaced/width100percent-image-expected.txt: Added.
  • fast/replaced/width100percent-image.html: Added.
  • fast/replaced/width100percent-menulist-expected.checksum: Added.
  • fast/replaced/width100percent-menulist-expected.png: Added.
  • fast/replaced/width100percent-menulist-expected.txt: Added.
  • fast/replaced/width100percent-menulist.html: Added.
  • fast/replaced/width100percent-radio-expected.checksum: Added.
  • fast/replaced/width100percent-radio-expected.png: Added.
  • fast/replaced/width100percent-radio-expected.txt: Added.
  • fast/replaced/width100percent-radio.html: Added.
  • fast/replaced/width100percent-textarea-expected.checksum: Added.
  • fast/replaced/width100percent-textarea-expected.png: Added.
  • fast/replaced/width100percent-textarea-expected.txt: Added.
  • fast/replaced/width100percent-textarea.html: Added.
  • fast/replaced/width100percent-textfield-expected.checksum: Added.
  • fast/replaced/width100percent-textfield-expected.png: Added.
  • fast/replaced/width100percent-textfield-expected.txt: Added.
  • fast/replaced/width100percent-textfield.html: Added.
  • fast/replaced/width100percent.html: Removed.
  • fast/replaced/width100percent-expected.checksum: Removed.
  • fast/replaced/width100percent-expected.png: Removed.
  • fast/replaced/width100percent-expected.txt: Removed.
10:58 Changeset [24793] by weinig
  • 11 edits in trunk


Reviewed by Mitz.

Updated tests for http://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=14825
Non-integer hsl() colours are ignored

  • fast/css/hsl-color-expected.checksum:
  • fast/css/hsl-color-expected.png:
  • fast/css/hsl-color-expected.txt:
  • fast/css/hsl-color.html: Add non-integer hue tests
  • fast/css/hsla-color-expected.checksum:
  • fast/css/hsla-color-expected.png:
  • fast/css/hsla-color-expected.txt:
  • fast/css/hsla-color.html: Add non-integer hue tests


Reviewed by Mitz.

Fix for http://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=14825
Non-integer hsl() colours are ignored

  • css/CSSParser.cpp: (WebCore::CSSParser::parseHSLParameters): Parse hue as a Number, not an Integer.
01:32 BuildingQtOnWindows edited by hausmann@webkit.org


20:54 Changeset [24792] by justing
  • 6 edits
    4 adds in trunk


Reviewed by Darin.

Crash due to infinite recursion in moveParagraphs deleting line from a Mail message

  • editing/deleting/5369009-expected.checksum: Added.
  • editing/deleting/5369009-expected.png: Added.
  • editing/deleting/5369009-expected.txt: Added.
  • editing/deleting/5369009.html: Added.


Reviewed by Darin.

<rdar://problem/5369009> Crash due to infinite recursion in moveParagraphs on delete

After the delete, we moved content into the previous block, and a style
rule turned a style span in the moved content into a block, throwing
moveParagraphs into infinite recursion, as it continually tried and failed
to get the style span into the same paragraph as the content just before it.

Added a method to ReplaceSelectionCommand to keep inserted style spans
from turning into blocks because of style rules. Will add code to prevent
other kinds of content from changing appearance because of style rules,
post-Leopard (5371536). Also added a bool to ReplaceSelectionCommand's
constructor to guard against infinite recursion.

  • editing/CompositeEditCommand.cpp: (WebCore::CompositeEditCommand::moveParagraphs):
  • editing/JSEditor.cpp:
  • editing/ReplaceSelectionCommand.cpp: (WebCore::ReplaceSelectionCommand::ReplaceSelectionCommand): (WebCore::ReplaceSelectionCommand::negateStyleRulesThatEffectAppearance): (WebCore::ReplaceSelectionCommand::doApply):
  • editing/ReplaceSelectionCommand.h:
20:44 Changeset [24791] by treat
  • 3 edits in trunk/WebKitQt

Fix build.

20:18 Changeset [24790] by sullivan
  • 3 edits in trunk/WebKit

Reviewed by Darin

  • fixed <rdar://problem/5216176> Need WebKit SPI to allow clients using embedded WebViews to avoid clipping ends of some printed pages

This provides Mail, and other clients that print views that embed WebViews, a way to ensure that
the HTML is laid out for printing before pagination occurs.

  • WebView/WebHTMLViewPrivate.h: new SPI method -_layoutForPrinting

  • WebView/WebHTMLView.mm: (-[WebHTMLView _web_setPrintingModeRecursiveAndAdjustViewSize]): new method, just like existing _web_setPrintingModeRecursive except passes YES for adjustViewSize (-[WebHTMLView _layoutForPrinting]): new SPI method, sets printing mode temporarily to adjust the view size for printing (-[NSView _web_setPrintingModeRecursiveAndAdjustViewSize]): new helper method to do the recursion
17:48 Changeset [24789] by andersca
  • 2 edits in trunk/WebCore

Reviewed by Brady.

BitmapImage::getTIFFRepresentation() bug results in favicons not working at many sites

Don't bail out if a single frame is invalid.

  • platform/graphics/mac/ImageMac.mm: (WebCore::BitmapImage::getTIFFRepresentation):
17:29 Changeset [24788] by darin
  • 1 edit in trunk/WebCore/ChangeLog-2006-05-10

Fix a bug number on an old check-in.

17:09 Changeset [24787] by adele
  • 2 edits in trunk/WebKit

Reviewed by Darin.

Fix for <rdar://problem/5367919> A crash occurs at WebCore::Frame::isFrameSet() when attempting to print a iframe before it loads at http://www.monster.com/

  • WebView/WebHTMLView.mm: (-[WebHTMLView knowsPageRange:]): Nil check for frame.
16:56 Changeset [24786] by adele
  • 2 edits in trunk/WebCore

Reviewed by Darin.

Fix for <rdar://problem/5274937> Safari 3 breaks Missing Sync's WebKit code by crashing

  • loader/MainResourceLoader.cpp: (WebCore::MainResourceLoader::continueAfterContentPolicy): Nil check for the FrameLoader.
16:24 Changeset [24785] by andersca
  • 6 edits in trunk


Reviewed by Darin.

REGRESSION: After switching from Bookmark view, the Find Banner won't appear while displaying a PDF file

Add a hasHTMLView to FrameLoaderClient. This is only useful for clients who can show different views for different
MIME types and URL schemes.

  • loader/FrameLoader.cpp: (WebCore::FrameLoader::transitionToCommitted): Call delegate methods here if the current view is not a HTML view.

  • loader/FrameLoaderClient.h: (WebCore::FrameLoaderClient::hasHTMLView):


Reviewed by Darin.

REGRESSION: After switching from Bookmark view, the Find Banner won't appear while displaying a PDF file

Implement hasHTMLView.

  • WebCoreSupport/WebFrameLoaderClient.h:
  • WebCoreSupport/WebFrameLoaderClient.mm: (WebFrameLoaderClient::hasHTMLView):
16:05 Changeset [24784] by darin
  • 1 edit in trunk/WebKitTools/ChangeLog


16:05 Changeset [24783] by darin
  • 2 edits in trunk/WebKitTools

Reviewed by Tim Matcher.

  • DumpRenderTree/DumpRenderTree.m: (dump): Fix dumping for documents that include null characters. This turned out not to be needed for the test case that motivated me to do it, but it's nice to have this for the future.
15:29 Changeset [24782] by justing
  • 1 edit in trunk/WebKit/WebView/WebEditingDelegatePrivate.h

Fixed a typo in my last checkin.

11:29 Changeset [24781] by weinig
  • 14 edits
    2 adds
    4 deletes in trunk


Reviewed by Maciej.

Update tests for <rdar://problem/5363896>
REGRESSION: Setting document.domain does not override port-based cross-frame security checks -- breaks SAP NetWeaver

  • Also changes frame access test to use shared resource iframes.
  • http/tests/security/cross-frame-access-port-expected.txt:
  • http/tests/security/cross-frame-access-port-explicit-domain-expected.txt:
  • http/tests/security/cross-frame-access-port-explicit-domain.html:
  • http/tests/security/cross-frame-access-port.html:
  • http/tests/security/cross-frame-access-protocol-expected.txt:
  • http/tests/security/cross-frame-access-protocol-explicit-domain-expected.txt:
  • http/tests/security/cross-frame-access-protocol-explicit-domain.html:
  • http/tests/security/cross-frame-access-protocol.html:
  • http/tests/security/resources/cross-frame-iframe-for-port-explicit-domain-test.html: Removed.
  • http/tests/security/resources/cross-frame-iframe-for-port-test.html: Removed.
  • http/tests/security/resources/cross-frame-iframe-for-protocol-explicit-domain-test.html: Removed.
  • http/tests/security/resources/cross-frame-iframe-for-protocol-test.html: Removed.
  • http/tests/security/resources/cross-frame-iframe-with-explicit-domain-set.html: Added.
  • http/tests/security/resources/cross-frame-iframe.html: Added.


Reviewed by Maciej.

Fix for <rdar://problem/5363896>
REGRESSION: Setting document.domain does not override port-based cross-frame security checks -- breaks SAP NetWeaver

Updates the results for:


  • bindings/js/kjs_window.cpp: (KJS::createWindow): Use the new setDomainInternal method. (KJS::Window::isSafeScript): Don't set check the port or protocol if both documents have explicitly set document.domain in the DOM and the those domains are equal.
  • dom/Document.cpp: (WebCore::Document::Document): (WebCore::Document::setDomain): Remove force parameter and change all calls that relied on it use the new setDomainInternal method which does the same thing. (WebCore::Document::setDomainInternal):
  • dom/Document.h: Add new m_domainWasSetInDOM variable and accessor. (WebCore::Document::domainWasSetInDOM):
  • loader/FrameLoader.cpp: (WebCore::FrameLoader::checkCallImplicitClose): Use the new setDomainInternal method.
11:25 Changeset [24780] by justing
  • 14 edits in trunk


Reviewed by Tristan.

<rdar://problem/5098931> Attachments are lost when they are moved into a ToDo after a delete

Added an editor client method for asking whether or not it is
OK to merge content after a delete.

  • bridge/EditorClient.h:
  • editing/DeleteSelectionCommand.cpp: (WebCore::DeleteSelectionCommand::mergeParagraphs): Ask if the merge is allowed.
  • platform/gdk/EditorClientGdk.cpp: (WebCore::EditorClientGdk::shouldMoveRangeAfterDelete): Added a method stub.
  • platform/gdk/EditorClientGdk.h:
  • platform/graphics/svg/SVGImageEmptyClients.h: (WebCore::SVGEmptyEditorClient::shouldMoveRangeAfterDelete): Ditto.


Reviewed by Tristan.

<rdar://problem/5098931> Attachments are lost when they are moved into a ToDo after a delete

Mail needs to be asked if it is OK to do the content movement that happens
after a deleting in a situation like this one:
<div contenteditable="plaintext-only">foo</div><div>bar</div>
so that they can prevent the move or so that they can save content that
will be stripped by the move. This could have been done with shouldInsertNode
and a new WebViewInsertAction for "moves", but WebKit clients like Mail and
DashCode think that a shouldInsert* means that the user pasted something and
perform actions only appropriate for pastes. This change is less risky because
it won't require those clients to change their code.

  • DefaultDelegates/WebDefaultEditingDelegate.m: (-[WebDefaultEditingDelegate webView:shouldMoveRangeAfterDelete:replacingRange:]):
  • WebCoreSupport/WebEditorClient.h:
  • WebCoreSupport/WebEditorClient.mm: (WebEditorClient::shouldMoveRangeAfterDelete):
  • WebView/WebEditingDelegatePrivate.h:


Reviewed by Tristan.

<rdar://problem/5098931> Attachments are lost when they are moved into a ToDo after a delete

  • WebEditorClient.cpp: (WebEditorClient::shouldMoveRangeAfterDelete): Method stub.
  • WebEditorClient.h:
11:15 Changeset [24779] by andersca
  • 4 edits
    4 adds in trunk


Reviewed by Anders.

REGRESSION: sync XMLHttpRequest.send() raises an exception for failed authentication

  • http/tests/xmlhttprequest/failed-auth-expected.txt: Added.
  • http/tests/xmlhttprequest/failed-auth.html: Added. This test has other cases from bug 13075 commented out, as they still fail.
  • http/tests/xmlhttprequest/xmlhttprequest-missing-file-exception-expected.txt: Added.
  • http/tests/xmlhttprequest/xmlhttprequest-missing-file-exception.html: Added. This test already passed, but I think it's useful to cover this case, too.


Reviewed by Anders.

REGRESSION: sync XMLHttpRequest.send() raises an exception for failed authentication

Test: http/tests/xmlhttprequest/failed-auth.html

  • platform/network/mac/ResourceHandleMac.mm: (WebCore::ResourceHandle::loadResourceSynchronously): Make the fake response better match the real one in case of failed authentication. Unfortunately, NSURLConnection doesn't give us the real response.
  • xml/XMLHttpRequest.cpp: (WebCore::XMLHttpRequest::send): If the response has an HTTP code in it, then the error wasn't a network one, and an exception shouldn't be raised.
10:48 Changeset [24778] by tristan
  • 1 edit in trunk/LayoutTests/http/tests/navigation/relativeanchor-frames-expected.txt

Updating layout test results with new expected results.

10:28 Changeset [24777] by andersca
  • 2 edits in trunk/WebCore

Reviewed by Darin.

<rdar://problem/4942372> REGRESSION: Anchor links in Mail don't work anymore

Make it possible for KURL to handle addig fragments to non-hierarchical URLs
such as mailto: and cid:.

  • platform/KURL.cpp: (WebCore::KURL::init): If the base URL is not hierarchical but the relative URL is a fragment, then allow parsing it.

If the URL is not hierarchical, set the fragment start and end positions correctly.

09:10 Changeset [24776] by hausmann
  • 2 edits in trunk/WebCore

On Windows make sure the dll also ends up in $$OUTPUT_DIR/bin, so that QtLauncher can find it.

09:10 Changeset [24775] by hausmann
  • 4 edits in trunk

Link QtLauncher into $$OUTPUT_DIR/bin

08:30 Changeset [24774] by hausmann
  • 5 edits in trunk

Removed the BUILDING_QT ifdef in JSStringRef.h and changed UChar for the Qt build to use wchar_t on Windows.

08:30 Changeset [24773] by hausmann
  • 2 edits in trunk/WebCore

Don't link against libxml/libxslt unless we really need it.

06:57 Changeset [24772] by zimmermann
  • 72 edits in branches/feature-branch

Reviewed by Oliver & Rob.

Enable SVG textPath selection. Actually build chunks for them instead of
ignoring them - was easier than I thought. Respect per-character transformation
when calculating the chunk boundaries for the selection rectangles. Also fixes
selection rect drawing of rotated characters.

Next thing todo is to unify the glyph size calculations, as per-glyph transformations
are not respected when calculating flow box sizes in SVGRootInlineBox.

06:51 BuildingQtOnWindows edited by hausmann@webkit.org
06:46 BuildingQtOnWindows edited by hausmann@webkit.org
06:39 BuildingQtOnWindows edited by hausmann@webkit.org
06:34 BuildingQtOnWindows edited by hausmann@webkit.org
06:31 BuildingQtOnWindows edited by hausmann@webkit.org


23:33 Changeset [24771] by tristan
  • 3 edits in trunk/WebCore

Reviewed by Oliver Hunt.

<rdar://problem/5369282> REGRESSION: DOMHTMLInput throwing exception due to missing _isEdited method

  • bindings/objc/DOMHTML.mm: (-[DOMHTMLInputElement _isEdited]): (-[DOMHTMLTextAreaElement _isEdited]):
  • bindings/objc/DOMPrivate.h: Renamed _isUserEdited to _isEdited.
21:46 Changeset [24770] by alp
  • 2 edits in trunk/WebKit

2007-07-30 Diego Escalante Urrelo <diegoe@gnome.org>

Reviewed by Adam.

Implement can_go_backward and can_go_forward in webkitgtkpage.cpp

  • gtk/Api/webkitgtkpage.cpp: Implement webkit_gtk_page_can_go_backward() and webkit_gtk_page_can_go_forward() functions.
21:07 Changeset [24769] by alp
  • 3 edits in trunk/WebKit

2007-07-30 Diego Escalante Urrelo <diegoe@gnome.org>

Reviewed by Alp Toker.

Bad n_params on load_finished's g_signal_new in webkitgtkpage.cpp

This is the proper fix for #14810.

  • gtk/Api/webkitgtkframe.cpp:
  • gtk/Api/webkitgtkpage.cpp: Fix the marshaller type of the "load_finished" signal and correct the class_offset parameters.
20:12 Changeset [24768] by alp
  • 2 edits in trunk/WebKit

2007-07-29 Diego Escalante Urrelo <diegoe@gnome.org>

Reviewed by Alp Toker.

Bad n_params on load_finished's g_signal_new in webkitgtkpage.cpp

  • gtk/Api/webkitgtkpage.cpp: Use a correct n_params value and the corresponding types for them in the "load_finished" signal.
19:40 Changeset [24767] by treat
  • 6 edits in trunk

Paint and scrolling performance fixes and improvements.

16:25 Changeset [24766] by adele
  • 6 edits in trunk


Reviewed by John.

WebCore part of fix for <rdar://problem/5102522> REGRESSION: Can't tab to webview that doesn't have editable content (affects Safari, preview pane in Mail)

  • WebCore.exp:
  • page/FocusController.cpp: (WebCore::FocusController::setInitialFocus): Added. (WebCore::FocusController::advanceFocus): Don't give the focus back to the chrome if this is the initial focus.
  • page/FocusController.h:


Reviewed by John.

WebKit part of fix for <rdar://problem/5102522> REGRESSION: Can't tab to webview that doesn't have editable content

  • WebView/WebHTMLView.mm: (-[WebHTMLView becomeFirstResponder]): Call new setInitialFocus method instead of advanceFocus.
14:51 Changeset [24765] by zecke
  • 2 edits in trunk

2007-07-29 Brian Mastenbrook <brian@mastenbrook.net>

Build fix for WebKit/Gtk to compile on Fedora 7 as described in

  • WebKit.pri: cairo-ft is used by the WebKit/Gtk port
08:18 Changeset [24764] by treat
  • 2 edits in trunk/WebKitQt

Respect the margins when creating frames.
Set the scroll mode to always off like we did before the rendered
frames patch and the other ports do now.

07:42 Changeset [24763] by treat
  • 2 edits in trunk/WebCore

WebCore::Widget::setParent should be virtual.

07:22 Changeset [24762] by treat
  • 3 edits in trunk/LayoutTests/qt

We actually pass the mac versions expected results here.


19:34 Changeset [24761] by weinig
  • 3 edits
    1 copy
    3 moves
    1 delete in trunk/LayoutTests

Reviewed by Mark Rowe.

  • Rename test for clarity and consistency.
  • Move resource from ssl/resources to security/resources as it is only being used by the security tests.
  • http/tests/security/cross-frame-access-port-domain-expected.txt: Removed.
  • http/tests/security/cross-frame-access-port-domain.html: Removed.
  • http/tests/security/cross-frame-access-port-explicit-domain-expected.txt: Copied from http/tests/security/cross-frame-access-port-domain-expected.txt.
  • http/tests/security/cross-frame-access-port-explicit-domain.html: Copied from http/tests/security/cross-frame-access-port-domain.html.
  • http/tests/security/cross-frame-access-protocol-expected.txt:
  • http/tests/security/cross-frame-access-protocol.html:
  • http/tests/security/resources/cross-frame-iframe-for-port-domain-test.html: Removed.
  • http/tests/security/resources/cross-frame-iframe-for-port-explicit-domain-test.html: Copied from http/tests/security/resources/cross-frame-iframe-for-port-domain-test.html.
  • http/tests/security/resources/cross-frame-iframe-for-protocol-test.html: Copied from http/tests/ssl/resources/cross-frame-access-protocol-iframe.html.
  • http/tests/ssl/resources: Removed.
  • http/tests/ssl/resources/cross-frame-access-protocol-iframe.html: Removed.
19:15 Changeset [24760] by weinig
  • 8 edits
    3 adds in trunk/LayoutTests

Reviewed by Oliver Hunt.

  • Factor access testing code used in protocol and port tests to cross-frame-access.js.
  • Add cross-frame-iframe-for-protocol-explicit-domain-test.html which is parallel test to cross-frame-iframe-for-port-domain-test.html but for different protocols.
  • http/tests/security/cross-frame-access-port-domain-expected.txt:
  • http/tests/security/cross-frame-access-port-domain.html:
  • http/tests/security/cross-frame-access-port.html:
  • http/tests/security/cross-frame-access-protocol-explicit-domain-expected.txt: Added.
  • http/tests/security/cross-frame-access-protocol-explicit-domain.html: Added.
  • http/tests/security/cross-frame-access-protocol.html:
  • http/tests/security/resources/cross-frame-access.js:
  • http/tests/security/resources/cross-frame-iframe-for-port-domain-test.html:
  • http/tests/security/resources/cross-frame-iframe-for-port-test.html:
  • http/tests/security/resources/cross-frame-iframe-for-protocol-explicit-domain-test.html: Added.
19:02 Changeset [24759] by alp
  • 1 edit in trunk/WebCore/ChangeLog

Fix up reviewer name typo in ChangeLog

18:30 Changeset [24758] by alp
  • 3 edits in trunk/WebCore

2007-07-29 Alp Toker <alp.toker@collabora.co.uk>

Reviewed by Brian Dash.

http://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=14711 (revisited)
RenderThemeGdk's buttons are state-agnostic (pressed, hovered)

Generalize shadow state into a function.
use a GtkHBox to work around a theme bug (thanks to Nigel Tao).

  • platform/gdk/RenderThemeGdk.cpp: (WebCore::RenderThemeGdk::determineShadow): (WebCore::RenderThemeGdk::paintCheckbox): (WebCore::RenderThemeGdk::paintRadio): (WebCore::RenderThemeGdk::paintButton): (WebCore::RenderThemeGdk::gtkWindowContainer):
  • platform/gdk/RenderThemeGdk.h:
18:18 Changeset [24757] by bdash
  • 2 edits
    4 adds in trunk/LayoutTests

2007-07-28 Mark Rowe <mrowe@apple.com>

Reviewed by Darin and John.

<rdar://problem/5229705> Thai characters render differently between leopard and tiger

Add Leopard-specific test results for tests containing Thai characters.

  • mac/leopard/Skipped:
  • mac/leopard/fast/text: Added.
  • mac/leopard/fast/text/atsui-multiple-renderers-expected.txt: Added.
  • mac/leopard/fast/text/international: Added.
  • mac/leopard/fast/text/international/thai-line-breaks-expected.txt: Added.
18:15 Changeset [24756] by bdash
  • 2 edits
    8 adds in trunk/LayoutTests

2007-07-29 Mark Rowe <mrowe@apple.com>

Reviewed by Oliver.

<rdar://problem/5228270> SVG test failures due to different metrics for scaled text blocks

Add Leopard-specific results for three SVG tests.

  • mac/leopard/Skipped:
  • mac/leopard/svg: Added.
  • mac/leopard/svg/hixie: Added.
  • mac/leopard/svg/hixie/text: Added.
  • mac/leopard/svg/hixie/text/003-expected.txt: Added.
  • mac/leopard/svg/hixie/text/003a-expected.txt: Added.
  • mac/leopard/svg/hixie/viewbox: Added.
  • mac/leopard/svg/hixie/viewbox/preserveAspectRatio: Added.
  • mac/leopard/svg/hixie/viewbox/preserveAspectRatio/002-expected.txt: Added.
10:37 Changeset [24755] by bdash
  • 1 edit in tags/Safari-5522.12.2/WebCore/Configurations/Version.xcconfig


10:37 Changeset [24754] by bdash
  • 2 edits in tags/Safari-5522.12.2/WebCore

Merge r24658.

Reviewed by Oliver.

In Mail, a crash occurs at WTF::fastMalloc() when attempting to create a new HTML message from http://nytimes.com/

If the cache is disabled and there is already a resource with the given URL, return it instead of creating a new one.

  • loader/DocLoader.cpp: (WebCore::DocLoader::requestResource):
10:37 Changeset [24753] by bdash
  • 2 edits in tags/Safari-5522.12.2/WebCore

Merge r24514.

Reviewed by Anders.

  • improve the fix for <rdar://problem/5298816> Crash redirecting message, in -[SharedBufferData initWithSharedBuffer:]; fixes a crash seen on the buildbot
  • loader/DocLoader.cpp: (WebCore::DocLoader::~DocLoader): Call setDocLoader(0) on all the resources so they don't try to use a stale DocLoader pointer later.
10:36 Changeset [24752] by bdash
  • 2 edits in tags/Safari-5522.12.2/WebCore

Merge r24500.

Reviewed by Darin.

If the style sheet requested is a user style sheet, don't store it in the DocLoader's resource map;
user style sheets can outlive their doc loaders.

  • loader/DocLoader.cpp: (WebCore::DocLoader::requestCSSStyleSheet):
10:36 Changeset [24751] by bdash
  • 5 edits in tags/Safari-5522.12.2/WebCore

Merge r24492.

Reviewed by Darin.

<rdar://problem/5298816> Crash redirecting message, in -[SharedBufferData initWithSharedBuffer:]

Have cached resources keep track of what DocLoader they belong to. This is so that they can remove themselves
from the DocLoader's resource map when they're destroyed when the cache is disabled.

  • html/HTMLImageLoader.cpp: (WebCore::HTMLImageLoader::updateFromElement):
  • loader/Cache.cpp: (WebCore::Cache::requestResource):
  • loader/CachedResource.cpp: (WebCore::CachedResource::CachedResource): (WebCore::CachedResource::~CachedResource):
  • loader/CachedResource.h: (WebCore::CachedResource::setDocLoader):
10:20 Changeset [24750] by bdash
  • 1 copy in tags/Safari-5522.12.2

New tag.

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