Building WebKit with Clang Address Sanitizer (ASan)

This page describes how to build WebKit with the clang Address Sanitizer (ASan) for various ports.

Building the Apple Mac OS X port with ASan (Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan and later)

To build with Xcode for 10.11, you simply pass in the --asan switch to set-webkit-configuration, then build. Note that you can include ASan support with either --release or --debug switches.

./Tools/Scripts/set-webkit-configuration --release --asan

To disable ASan builds once again, use the --no-asan switch with set-webkit-configuration.

Building WebKit GTK port with ASan

The previous description may work. Otherwise, try passing the -DENABLE_SANITIZERS=address or -DENABLE_SANITIZERS=undefined flags to Tools/Script/build-webkit.

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