WebKit, like any large codebase, has more bugs than could ever be fixed. The ones that get fixed are usually the highest priority and/or the easiest to fix. If you want to get your bug fix, you need to up the priority or make it easier to fix.

Ways to up the priority:

  • Add pages that break due to the bug.
  • Add REGRESSION to the title if you are sure it's a regression.

Ways to make a bug easier to fix:

  • If it's a regression, use webkit-nightlies ( to identify a regression range.
  • Add a small reduced test case. If possible have a test case the doesn't require human interatction, i.e., all you have to do is load the page to see the bug.

It may also help to CC people with experience in the relevant part of the codebase, but that just ensures the bug is on their radar.

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