Ideas for improving

General ideas

  • Collapse comments attributed to obsolete attachments (
  • Merge multiple contiguous collapsed attachments.
  • Add button to obsolete an attachment (rather than requiring you know you can tag it with the word 'obsolete').
  • Add a dedicated field for associated radar numbers, so they can be searched specifically.
  • CC reviewers on bugs when leaving a review

EWS improvements

  • Add a way to only have the review flag be set to ? if the patch passes the EWS bots (perhaps ignoring the style one).
  • Add a way to post a patch programmatically (e.g. from webkit-patch) that does not set the review flag, but does start the EWS bots.
  • Add a way to get test results from the EWS bots as soon as they finish their first pass and without waiting for them to re-run the tests.
  • Add a way to run the EWS bots in a mode where they don't stop on the first compile error (e.g. the Continue building after errors option in Xcode). This would be really useful when trying to get something to build on another platform, as you wouldn't have to upload the patch as many times.
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