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    2929== Walking you through your first commit ==
    30 (Next time someone does this, we should document this.)
     31Below are some "manual" steps for doing your first commit from an SVN checkout.  In some cases, alternative commands are listed.
     33WebKit maintains several tools that simplify the commit process in many scenarios.  All of these tools are scripts in the WebKitTools/Scripts directory.  Nevertheless, understanding more manual forms of the process is still a good thing.  Because the tools can't do everything, it helps to have the manual process to fall back on in case the tools can't do what you need.
     351. '''Create an account.'''
     37To commit code, you will need an account.  To create an account, register your e-mail address at [] and choose a password.  You may be given a e-mail address to use for this account.
     392. '''Configure commit-log-editor.'''
     41When using "svn commit" to submit a patch, the commit message should be the ChangeLog message(s) for the patch.  WebKit maintains a script called "commit-log-editor" that populates the commit message for you.  To configure the editor that commit-log-editor opens, you can set the SVN_LOG_EDITOR environment variable to the editor of your choice (e.g. nano).  See the commit-log-editor source code [] for alternative options and to see how commit-log-editor decides what editor to use.
     433. '''Apply the patch to your local checkout.'''
     45Use the "svn-apply" script to apply the patch to your local checkout.  Make sure the date and reviewer are correct in the ChangeLogs (e.g. by using the -r|--reviewer flag).  Alternatively, if the patch has been submitted to [], you can use "webkit-patch apply-from-bug".  This script will find the patch and set the reviewer for you.
     474. '''Update your local checkout, if necessary.'''
     49If time has elapsed since applying the patch to your local checkout, you may need to update your checkout with the latest repository changes.  If an update causes a conflict in any ChangeLog files, you can use the resolve-ChangeLogs script to quickly resolve these conflicts and ensure that your ChangeLog changes are at the top.
     51Alternatively, you can use the "update-webkit" script, which is smart enough to run resolve-ChangeLogs automatically, if necessary.
     535. '''Commit the changes.'''
     55Use the following command to commit changes--
     57svn commit --editor-cmd "<path_to_commit-log-editor>"
     59Alternatively, you can set the SVN_EDITOR environment variable to "commit-log-editor" and ensure that the directory containing commit-log-editor is in your path environment variable.
     61A newer alternative is the following--
     63webkit-patch land --no-build
     666. '''Register your credentials.'''
     68On your first commit, the previous step will trigger a process to register your SVN credentials.  SVN will prompt you for your password, then your user name (i.e. your account e-mail address), and then your password again.
     707. '''Register the commit in'''
     72If you are committing a patch in [], you should add a comment to the report with text like the following:
     74Manually committed r53667:
     76Then change the status of the report to RESOLVED.
     788. '''Make sure you didn't break anything.'''
     80Monitor [] to make sure your patch doesn't turn any of the buildbots red!
    3282== Guidelines for committers ==