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Have a header file copied to WebKitBuild/.../PrivateHeaders in build time

See screen shot.

  1. Open WebCore/WebCore.xcodeproj
  2. In Groups & Files, navigate to WebCore and locate the header file.
  3. Drag the header file to Targets > WebCore > Copy Headers.
  4. Select the header file in Copy Headers. It should be listed on the right pane.
  5. Change Role to private.

Building Tips

  • Use Tools/Scripts/filter-webkit-build to reduce the amount of build spam for ordinary builds. (Some error messages might get swallowed, so don't use this if you are diagnosing a build failure.)


See this page for how to debug WebCore, JavaScriptCore or WebKit.

Submitting Patches

Configuring Authentication: macOS

On the Mac platform, the webkit-patch tool can read your Bugzilla credentials from Keychain. However, in some circumstances the script may not ask to save credentials into the keychain. To manually add these credentials, use the following command:

security add-internet-password -r http -s -a -w supersecurepassword

Configuring Authentication: Linux

On Linux, it is highly recommended to install python3-secretstorage before using webkit-patch. Otherwise, python-keyring will store your password in a strange location instead of using the system keyring. Furthermore, webkit-patch will only remember your username if you manually store it in your local git config:

git config bugzilla.username

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