Ideas for a WebKit Icon Contest

Note: The contents of this page represent some preliminary brainstorming about a contest to select an official icon for the WebKit project. They are not official plans and are subject to dramatic change. In particular, the dates of the contest are in no way finalized.


  1. Submission period: Time of contest announcement (no later than 2008-01-01) to 2008-01-11 23:59 +0000
  2. Voting period: 2008-01-14 0:00 +0000 to 2008-01-18 23:59 +0000
  3. Winner announced: 2008-01-25


  • Entries must use contest template (which has various sizes/background colors) and be submitted as a 24-bit PNG
  • Submitted through form on
  • Multiple images per entry (for color variations, etc.)
  • Multiple entries per entrant


  • Voting will occur for a specified period after submission period (1 week duration?)
  • Simple web-based voting
    • Votes are per email address
    • Can amend your votes as many times as you want before voting period ends
  • Voting system TBD
  • Voting open to public? (Would be nice as a tie-breaker)
  • Only reviewers' votes will be considered initially
  • Possible tie breakers
    • Public votes (if voting open to public)
    • Vector over raster?
    • Need a tie breaker that can't be a draw

Judging criteria

  • Distinctiveness and recognizability
  • ???

Final icon formats

  • Vector: SVG, EPS, Illustrator
  • Raster: XCF, PSD, PNG (24-bit), TIFF
  • Sizes (square, pixels): 16, 32, 64, 128, 512
    • Raster entries must have a minimum size of 2100
    • Optional: 24, 48, 256


  • Entrant retains copyright? (We do this for source contributions, but may depend on the license we choose.)
  • Entrant must be an individual? (SVG logo contest did this)
  • Entry will be licensed under TBD license
  • Entry must be original, contain no work owned by a 3rd party
  • Entries will be judged by WebKit reviewers as of start of contest announcement


  • Prefer open and/or vector format
  • Consider monochrome, CMYK


  1. Run contest guidelines by webkit-dev for feedback
  2. Put contest page on w/ guidelines+rules
  3. Announce contest on blog w/ schedule, link to contest page

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