wiki:Manual Testing

Manual Drag and Drop tests:

  • Dragging selected text within editable regions within a single frame should "move" the text -- equivalent to cut and paste. There should be no change to the contents in any system clipboard.
  • Dragging text between editable regions in separate frames should perform a "copy"
  • Dragging text from an unstyled editable region, eg. a <textarea> or <input type="text"> into a style edit region (contenteditable div, etc) should copy or move (as above), but dropped text should adopt style of dropped region.
  • Dragging a link should result in a url form on the dragging pasteboard.
  • Dropping on a webview when the dragging pasteboard contains url form data should behave as follows (assuming default behaviour in the various drag delegates)
    • Dropping the link into an unstylable text region should paste the url
    • Dropping the link into a content editable region should insert a link with the dropped url with the title/description of the link being set to either that provided by the dragged url data, or the url itself. eg. Dragging the url "" will should insert the fragment "<a href=''></a>", if the url has a title (eg. was dragged from <a ...>foo</a>) then <a href=''>foo</a>" should be inserted
    • Dropping the url onto a non-editable region of the webview should result in navigation to that url
  • Dragging an image from the webpage should place enough information should provide a url, image data, and enough information to allow the image to be saved to the filesystem should it be dragged to a file system viewer (Finder, Explorer, Nautilus, etc) in the form it was served in (no recoding, etc)
  • Dragging a selection should place the html fragment for a selection, plain text version of the fragment, and any other (potentially platform specific) data formats needed to maximise fidelity when dragging the selection into other apps the support formatted text (in other words it should be possible to drag formatted and styled text from a webview and into a rich text editor such as NSTextArea, KWord, WordPad, Office, stylable editable regions in other browsers...
  • Dropping a file onto a webview should do the following:
    • If the file has been dropped onto an <input type="file"> the input value should be set to the dropped file.
    • If the file can be displayed by WebKit (HTML, SVG, etc) the file should be opened
    • Otherwise a file system view (Finder, Explorer, Nautilus) should be opened, focused on the linked file
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