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Added New HTML/DOM Features section as well as "ES6" as a topic; also moved resize events under Project Houdini.


Apple Campus, Cupertino CA March 12-13, 2015


  • Scroll refactor - bfulgham
  • Display list drawing - smfr
  • Rendering state enforcement - smfr
  • Refactorings - smfr
    • FrameVIew/ScrollView/Widgets
  • New HTML/DOM Features
    • picture element [yoav, volunteered by dino]
    • Client-Hints [yoav]
    • Resource-Hints [yoav]
  • New features in ES6
  • Project Houdini topics [dino]
    • Resize events
    • CSS Parser extensions and object model
    • CSS custom properties
    • Custom layout via a box tree API
    • Custom painting of elements via JS
    • Scroll synchronisation
    • UIWorkers
  • Make filters fast all the time [dino]
  • Web Inspector topics [xenon]
    • Demo of element change tracking [brrian]
    • Web Replay status and plans [brrian]
    • Demo of JS liveness/type profiler [saamyjoon]
  • Tools and testing
    • Adjustable diff threshold for ref tests
    • Update render tree dump in test output
    • Manifest files for test parameters?
    • Bugzilla improvements
      • can we fix review clobbering?
  • How to communicate better with the web developers who do not follow our commits? [Jon Davis, volunteered by Benjamin]
  • Making reviews work without begging on IRC.

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