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MathML Project


There is now basic support for MathML's presentation markup in WebKit. The native rendering partially supports the follow elements:

  • math
  • mrow and mfenced
  • mo with operator stretching
  • mi, mn, mphantom, and mtext
  • msub, msup, and msubsup
  • mover, munder, and munderover
  • mtable, mtr, mtd
  • mfrac, mroot and msqrt
  • merror and mstyle

There are a number of patches relating to further MathML support that can be viewed via the master bug or prioritized bug for MathML. Other bugs can be queried using the "MathML" component in the bug database.


The user agent CSS stylesheet for MathML is configured to rely on the STIX fonts and then fallback to other fonts. It is recommended that you download and install the STIX fonts.


MathML support is turned on at compile time by the ENABLE_MATHML definition. This can be toggled by the "mathml" toggle. By default, MathML is enabled. You do not need to do anything to turn MathML on.

To turn MathML off, use:

   build-webkit --no-mathml