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     1How to make WebKit more awesome
     3Get more individuals to contribute
     5Nightly builds for other platforms (GTK said it is difficult, but are looking into it). Contact community ports and see if they'll contribute builds.
     7More blog posts. All contributors are welcome. No subject is too small. e.g. llvm-weekly - provides information for external and internal development. Resurrect TWiWK.
     9List of easy bugs for newcomers. Or suggestions for small exciting projects. e.g. new features in the Inspector, Improving tools. List of mentors who are available to help people start in areas.
     11More accessible list of reviewers.
     13Faster reviews - reviewers should not let patches sit in the queue.
     15New Website design, with HiDPI artwork.
     17People are possibly put off by how difficult it is to build on Windows. Sam notes that a unified build system is not out of the question - Apple's only requirement is that an Xcode project is available.
     19More documentation - pages on the web site, blog posts. Sample topics:
     21Platform layering
     23Render tree (hyatt's series was given as an example)
     25Describing some useful/complex classes
     27WTF does WTF mean?
     29How do CSS concepts map into C++ code?
     31Reviewer guidelines. Keep contributors updated to the latest coding trends. e.g. prefer range for loops if possible. Should these be in the style guidelines? Document more of our general knowledge (e.g. try to give
     32per-method information in the ChangeLog, avoid null checks, make sure you use ASSERT_W_S_E when necessary)
     34iOS Simulator builds.
     36"A Gentle Introduction to C++ for Web floks" with Bem Jones-Bey
     38Volunteers needed for people to clean up some crufty but solid parts of the code, such as the loader, bindings generators.
     40Contributors should file bugs with lots of detail for easy tasks that people can pick up. e.g. refactoring
     41 could reference/promote projects outside the tree that are cool uses of WebKit
     44Document the requirements for a new port to be accepted into the project and live in the tree.
     46Active contributors
     48Build system
     50Google Summer of Code projects. Gets a lot of interest from academic institutions.
     52Demos (no review necessary for anything with Tim's head)
     54Lightning ⚡ Round
     56remove ChangeLogs
     58move to git, then back to svn, then to github
     60stickers, 👕s, swag, 🍺mugs
     62meet ups (🍖⬆s)
     64remove the non-active floks from reviewers list (not kicking them out)
     66photos of reviewers
     68Highlighting performance results
     70Better EWS coverage (faster, more platforms, performance tests, reduce the amount of red on the tree)
     72Ability to announce build status - that you're working on fixing it. "Relax, I got this."
     74Annotations for the dashboard
     76Make the tests run faster. Gather some information about why they are taking so long.
     78Share the bot/tree watching workload with people outside Apple.