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Mar 9, 2008 11:06:44 AM (15 years ago)
Adam Roben

Added a section about the Scripts view with a new mockup from Tim


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    2525[[Image(New Inspector - Resources 3.1.png)]]
     27== Scripts ==
     29Conserving space was a main focus, so there is no resource sidebar and everything is usable when docked. The file picker is in the header row, like Xcode with back/forward buttons. Next to the file picker is the function popup menu, to jump to functions in the file. On the right side is a sidebar that is similar to the Elements sidebar. This sidebar contains the Call Stack, Scope Chain and Breakpoints sections. I think it would help to separate the call stack and the scope, instead of combining them like Dashcode. It would help debug complex cases, like retuning closures. Above the sidebar are the debugging controls to pause, resume and the standard step operations. Below the source code are breadcrumbs that also reflect the call stack, for quick reference. Like the other sections, the console can be shown at the bottom. When the console is hidden, the breadcrumbs and the toggle console button sit on the same status bar (and the clear console button hides).
     31[[Image(New Inspector - Scripts.png)]]