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Overview of QtWebKit 2.2

QtWebKit is a web content engine based on the Open Source WebKit project, the same engine used by browsers such as Google Chrome and Safari from Apple. QtWebKit has broad support for modern web technologies and is compliant with typical web content. QtWebKit is developed as a part of the WebKit community, which enables every new release of QtWebKit to include the latest developments from the WebKit project.

QtWebKit has a C++ API that allows Qt applications to embed web content, and to examine and manipulate it. The QtWebKit C++ API is extensively documented in the QtWebKit documentation.

QtWebKit-2.2 was branched from the WebKit trunk on May of 2011 (r85855) and includes several HTML5, CSS and JavaScript improvements when compared to QtWebKit-2.1 (an independent release, not part of the Qt bundle) and QtWebKit-2.0 (part of Qt-4.7).

QtWebKit-2.2 is up-to-date regarding fixes for security problems found in the WebKit codebase. Since the branch creation in May, more than fifty security fixes have been brought into the stabilization branch.

See also: QtWebKit-2.2 release page (trackers, download, repository, list of fixes, etc)

Changes since QtWebKit-2.0 (Qt-4.7.*)

The WebKit project moves really fast and it's hard to highlight specific features of QtWebKit-2.2. Below is a small list of some of the most important new features supported by the engine. Besides these new features, thousands of other improvements and bugfixes have been made.

Please note that QtWebKit-2.1 was an indepentent intermediary release targeted at mobile platforms only. It's not included here for simplicity.

Web Developer Features

These are some of the new features present in QtWebKit-2.2:

Note: HTML5 and CSS3 features are based on draft specifications that are subject to change. Some of them are still considered experimental.

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