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Overview of QtWebKit 2.2

Changes since QtWebKit-2.1

QtWebKit-2.1 was an independent release targeted at and supported on mobile platforms.

The main changes since QtWebKit-2.1 are:

  • TODO: fill-in notable changes on trunk during the past year;
  • Support for HTML media (audio/video) on desktop platforms;

Changes since QtWebKit-2.0 (Qt-4.7.*)

QtWebKit-2.0 was the previous version supported on desktop and mobile platforms. It's the QtWebKit version included in Qt-4.7.

These are the changes between QtWebKit-2.0 and QtWebKit-2.1 (combine them with the changes between QtWebKit-2.1 and QtWebKit-2.2 to have the full list)

Notable Web Developer features

  • Touch Events
  • Geolocation API
  • Progress element and meter element
  • Viewport meta tag
  • Canvas element
  • Application cache
  • Web SQL Database
  • Web Storage
  • CSS Animations
  • CSS Transitions
  • CSS 2D Transforms
  • CSS Text
  • CSS Masks
  • CSS ScrollBar Styles
  • Native JSON parser

Note: HTML5 and CSS3 features are based on draft specifications that are subject to change.

JavaScript JIT

Just-in-time (JIT) compilation for JavaScript works on the following platforms (some of them not officially supported):

  • Mac OS X, 64-bit and 32-bit
  • Windows desktop platforms when using Microsoft Visual C++ or gcc 4.1 or higher (MinGW). 32-bit build only; JIT currently doesn't work on 64-bit builds on Windows.
  • Linux on x86 platforms with gcc 4.1 or higher
  • Linux on ARM (Thumb-2 JIT is not currently used)
  • Linux on MIPS architecture, maintained by MIPS Technologies.
  • Symbian

Netscape Plug-in API

QtWebKit-2.2 includes the Netscape Plug-in API on X11, Windows, and Mac OS X.

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