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Since the last release with Qt 4.5 many features have been implemented in the core of WebKit as well as on the Qt specific side of the code. This page provides a summary of these features:

Features specific to the QtWebKit API

  • QWebPluginDatabase to provide access to plugin information and specify preferences.
  • QWebElement together with QWebFrame::findFirstElement and findAllElements allows easy traversal and content manipulation.
  • qWebKitVersion to determine the current WebKit Version
  • Fixed various focus issues with plugins on Linux and Mac.
  • New API for dealing with HTML5 technologies such as the Offline Web Application Cache
  • API for cleaning the memory caches during runtime.
  • requestedUrl API
  • Got the layout testing intrastructure up and running, resulting in less buggy and more conformant WebKit port
  • Symbian S60 support
  • Font fixes, incl. spacing.
  • Support for using a different QStyle per page.

Cross-platform WebKit features

  • Web Workers.
  • ARM v7/Thumb2 Javascript JIT