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QtWebKit 2.0 Release

This wiki page tracks the status of the QtWebKit 2.0 release. The release follows the standard release procedures and policies.

QtWebKit 2.0 was branched off WebKit trunk from SVN revision 56441. The user agent string reports "AppleWebKit/533.3".

QtWebKit 2.0.0 was tagged as "qtwebkit-2.0.0", SHA1 460b651cbe4f6994b492ff08614e57b0e31a24c8. Note that this is exactly the same QtWebKit that was shipped with Qt 4.7.0

Building QtWebkit 2.0.0 with Qt 4.6

It's possible to build a standalone QtWebKit with Qt 4.6.x as well.

Features and bugs

See high-level feature documentation.

Deployment on QtWebKit 2.0 on top of a Qt SDK

See the page QtWebKitRelease20Deployment

Release branch

The release branch is called qtwebkit-2.0 and is hosted in the qtwebkit repository at

Instructions for getting changes into the release branch:

Release critical bugs are tracked with