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QtWebKit-2.2 Release

This wiki page tracks the status of the QtWebKit-2.2 release, which is currently in a planning phase.

QtWebKit-2.2 will be based on QtWebKit-2.1 with a few key features added, mostly HTML5 multimedia (video/audio).

Please note that, just as QtWebKit-2.1, QtWebKit-2.2 will be an intermediary release, not officially supported by Nokia on all platforms.

The release follows the standard release procedures and policies.

Features and bugs

Current status:

  • branch is under stabilization

Tracker meta-bugs:

See also: QtWebKit-2.2 high-level feature documentation (draft).

Release branch

The release branch is called qtwebkit-2.2 and is hosted in the qtwebkit repository at

To get changes included in this branch, follow the respective instructions.

Buildbot for this branch


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