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QtWebKit-2.2 Release

QtWebKit-2.2 will be a stable release targeted at all Qt supported platforms. It was branched from trunk on 2011-05-05 (r85855) and will be released a bit earlier than Qt-4.8 (where it'll be included).

For a detailed list of features supported by QtWebkit-2.2 and the changes from the previous release, check the Internal Release Notes.

Status and Roadmap

Releases are made preferably on Mondays. Week numbers are from the previous week relative to when the release is made.

Source Code and Build Instructions

  • The source code is available in the qtwebkit-2.2 branch in our WebKit git mirror @ Gitorious. It works better if you have an account there and clone the repository via ssh;
  • Please note you'll clone the whole repository. The master branch is the WebKit trunk mirror. QtWebKit-2.2 is developed in the qtwebkit-2.2 branch;
  • Follow the standard QtWebKit build instructions for your platform;
  • QtWebKit-2.2 is also available inside the Qt-4.8 repository, but it's not always up-to-date there. The branch is the preferred method;
  • A simpler way to test it is to build Qt-4.8 without QtWebKit support (configure -no-webkit) and then build QtWebKit in standalone mode from the branch (Tools/Scripts/build-webkit --qt).

Q&A, Trackers and Build bots

  • Developers perform weekly tests on the branch on multiple platforms;
  • TODO: Q&A team and test procedure;


TODO: clarify platform details (OS version, compiler, etc)

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