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TODO List for QtWebKit


uncategorized issues that the developers still need to prioritize.

  • We don't have any accessibility support
  • QWebFrame should have a function to access the QWebHistory for that frame.
  • There should be an QWebIconDatabase class that gives you notifications when the icon has been loaded.
  • Autotest Coverage
  • header such as "webkitversion.h" that contains the version in a define
  • Way to access list of files and progress on downloading them (i.e. be able to make an activity window)

Road to Qt 4.5

  • Provide minimum API for HTML 5 Database and Local Storage functionality (mostly QWebSettings)
  • Make the build more configurable with regards to webkit features
  • Finish Mac Plugins
  • CE Port
  • Investigate JSC crash on Windows
  • Review webkit tasks, close that's fixed with the update to trunk
  • Update autotests inside Qt to use src/3rdparty/webkit
  • Missing ACID3 patches from Holger

Parking Lot

  • SVG as independent module
  • Chromium-like per-process webpage/frame
  • API Work:
    • Research Qtish API to provide access to the same functionality that DOM provides without the DOM insanity (work in progress)
  • JavaScriptCore <-> QtScript research (Priority 2)
  • VC 6 Support (give it a try at least)
  • KDE Integration (WebKitKDE)
  • Netscape Plugin Support (Priority 2.5)
  • Get layout tests for the Qt build running on all platforms (Priority 1)
  • Private browsing

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