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TODO List for QtWebKit


uncategorized issues that the developers still need to prioritize.

  • We don't have any accessibility support
  • QWebFrame should have a function to access the QWebHistory for that frame.
  • There should be an QWebIconDatabase class that gives you notifications when the icon has been loaded.
  • Autotest Coverage
  • header such as "webkitversion.h" that contains the version in a define
  • Way to access list of files and progress on downloading them (i.e. be able to make an activity window)
  • Ability to pass the handling of listbox/select elements to the application

Parking Lot

  • KDE Integration (WebKitKDE)

Things we want to do

  • Research out-of-process plugins
  • Research QtSvg vs. WebKit SVG
  • Make WebKit more modular
  • XSLT support with QtXmlPatterns.

Things we should do

  • Task maintenance (All)
  • Improve plugin support
  • Improve Media-Element support
  • Make the build more configurable in Qt
  • Research memory usage
  • Research performance
  • Windowless plugins on X11
  • Extend APIs
  • Review new APIs in trunk

Dogfoot Items

  • Wallet integration
  • Arora extensions
  • Webclips
  • Inline editing example

Short-term items for the next 2-3 months

  • Layout tests in 4.5, then trunk (Tor Arne, Simon)
  • Write examples, docs and screencasts (Ariya, all)
  • Finish DOM API (Tor Arne, Simon, Staikos)
  • QtScript Integration (Ariya, Kent)

Examples and Demos to be written

  • how to use <object> in a web page
  • HTML5 local storage
  • jQuery in QtWebKit (a simple one, just get one starts quickly)
  • Flash inside QWebView (like Girish's video feed example but simpler)
  • restricting web view to a certain set of URLs
  • convert HTML to PDF, continue from Kavindra's work
  • using QWebView with Graphics View
  • a utility monitor web sites, sit on the systray, display the thumbnail
  • simple example (without model/view) on how to use history and bookmarks
  • google suggest
  • how to extend QWebView to handle e.g. FTP
  • cookie handling
  • XML Query for feed parser/reader

Documentation improvements

  • Overview diagram between all QWebFoo class
  • Diagram/description of the relation between QtWebKit and QtNetwork
  • Using HTML files and images from the resource system
  • Import CSV example from QQ to Qt tree

DOM API Backlog

Let's try to get the thing done(tm).

  • Implementing iterators/foreach support.
  • Investigate build with older Qt versions without #ifdefs (Qt < 4.5)
  • Look at functions from jquery cheat sheet and see where in our API they would fit.
  • XML completeness, namespace support
  • Add obvious missing functions.
  • Full documentation.
  • Demos & Examples.
  • Make it easy to implement effects on top of the API.
  • Add support for "special" functions from the IDL files, like submitting forms and other element specific functions. (for example convenience for raw QtScript code: element.scriptValue().resolve("submit").call(element.scriptValue(), args..); )
  • Investigate support for different backends (xml and/or query language).

Ideas for Examples & Demos

  • A tool to create selections visually, built on top of the same API. Include a lineedit where you can type a selector and it visualizes the selected elements. (both ways)
  • A simple selector builder.
  • Simple jquery-ui like effects.

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