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TODO List for QtWebKit


uncategorized issues that the developers still need to prioritize.

  • We don't have any accessibility support
  • QWebFrame should have a function to access the QWebHistory for that frame.
  • There should be an QWebIconDatabase class that gives you notifications when the icon has been loaded.
  • Autotest Coverage
  • header such as "webkitversion.h" that contains the version in a define
  • Way to access list of files and progress on downloading them (i.e. be able to make an activity window)
  • Ability to pass the handling of listbox/select elements to the application

Parking Lot

  • KDE Integration (WebKitKDE)

Things we want to do

  • Research out-of-process plugins
  • Research QtSvg vs. WebKit SVG
  • Make WebKit more modular
  • XSLT support with QtXmlPatterns.

Things we should do

  • Task maintenance (All)
  • Improve plugin support
  • Improve Media-Element support
  • Make the build more configurable in Qt
  • Research memory usage
  • Research performance
  • Windowless plugins on X11
  • Extend APIs
  • Review new APIs in trunk
  • Make it possible to build API docs from the trunk (add qdocconf file, move webkit overview docs, tweak pro file)

Dogfoot Items

  • Wallet integration
  • Arora extensions
  • Webclips
  • Inline editing example

Short-term items for the next 2-3 months

  • Layout tests in 4.5, then trunk (Tor Arne, Simon)
  • Write examples, docs and screencasts (Ariya, all)
  • Finish DOM API (Tor Arne, Simon, Staikos)
  • QtScript Integration (Ariya, Kent)

Examples and Demos to be written

  • how to use <object> in a web page
  • HTML5 local storage
  • using it with jQuery (Ariya) DONE: see
  • Flash inside QWebView (like Girish's video feed example but simpler)
  • restricting web view to a certain set of URLs
  • convert HTML to PDF, continue from Kavindra's work
  • using QWebView with Graphics View
  • a utility monitor web sites, sit on the systray, display the thumbnail
  • simple example (without model/view) on how to use history and bookmarks
  • google suggest (Ariya) DONE: see
  • how to extend QWebView to handle e.g. FTP
  • cookie handling
  • XML Query for feed parser/reader

Documentation improvements

  • Overview diagram between all QWebFoo class
  • Diagram/description of the relation between QtWebKit and QtNetwork
  • Using HTML files and images from the resource system
  • Import CSV example from QQ to Qt tree

DOM API Backlog

Let's try to get the thing done(tm).

  • Add support for wrapping QWebElement in QVariant and return it in the new API, such a scriptProperty() or callScriptFunction. In the long run we would like to deprecate QWebFrame::evaluateJavaScript in favour of a function that returns a QScriptValue...
  • Add support for DOM events/listeners.
    • Make it possible to define event handlers in C++ - or conclude if this should require QtScript. Look at what QtScript has, talk to Kent. Perhaps call it addEventListener, instead of connect. (connect may be more familar to the Qt developers instead of the listener term). Does connect() replace an existing handler/connection?
      • Add support for triggering events.
  • Extend documentation with lots of snippets.
  • Demos & Examples.
  • Investigate support for different backends (xml and/or query language).
  • Need to add a documented method of retrieving the current selection as a QWebElementSelection, since the ::selection psuedo-element didn't make it into the current draft of css3-selectors.

Ideas for Examples & Demos

  • A tool to create selections visually, built on top of the same API. Include a lineedit where you can type a selector and it visualizes the selected elements. (both ways)
  • Simple jquery-ui like effects.
  • Ad-block for Arora
  • Form completion (smart or not...)

Plan for INdT Code Camp

Goal: Make a first beta release of QtWebKit for Qt 4.6, including the new QtWebKit DOM API.

  • Finish DOM API Backlog.
  • Finish API reviews.
    • Seminar in Oslo
  • Review other new API in trunk.
  • Create a qtwebkit-4.6-staging git branch
    • Go through shared/qt-45-pending branch. (Simon)
    • Forward-port pending Windows CE Garbage Collector change (Simon)
  • Make sure it builds on all platforms it build with Qt 4.5. (including Windows/CE)
    • Create 4.6-staging git branch with import from qtwebkit-4.6-staging.
    • Create a Pulse project, talk to Carlos.
    • Fix build issues...


  • Talk to the Animation API guys to see if we can use QtPropertyAnimation with QWebElement's scriptProperties. Solution: QtScriptAnimation or something similar that allows animation properties in QtScript objects.

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