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TODO List for QtWebKit

First Release

  • New HTTP Stack (Priority 1) (done)
  • QWebFrame Design (Priority 2)
  • Input Method Support
  • QWebCookieJar integration with QWebNetworkInterface (done, sort of)
  • Investigate integration into Qt itself (packaging, build system, etc.) (done)
  • API Work:
    • Editing / EditorClient -> API (done)
    • Provide ContextMenu API (done)
    • Research Qtish API to provide access to the same functionality that DOM provides without the DOM insanity (work in progress)
  • Port the Icon database to use QtSql and make the Database module in Trunk use QtSql for the Qt build (to eliminate the dependency on sqlite3.h)
  • Clean up the url conversion mess. We have to be careful that we correctly convert between QUrl and KURL. I think we do that incorrectly in some places.

Parking Lot

  • CallOnMainThread and IconDatabase support
  • JavaScriptCore <-> QtScript research (Priority 2)
  • VC 6 Support (give it a try at least)
  • KDE Integration (WebKitKDE)
  • Netscape Plugin Support (Priority 2.5)
  • Get layout tests for the Qt build running on all platforms (Priority 1)
  • Loader: PageCache

Network API Plan

  • For Qt 4.3 based builds the API remains as it is right now
  • For Qt 4.4 the QWebNetwork* API in QtWebKit will not be available and Qt 4.4's network access API will be used instead
  • Qt 4.4's network access API needs to be extensible enough to allow for custom networking backends.

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