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  • WebGL support is code complete but will need a lot of fine-tuning.
  • WebGL layout tests are enabled but most of them fail.
  • Is not included into the release content of QtWebKit 2.0.
  • Hardware used for testing during development: NVidia 8400GS, Intel GMA 4500HD and N900
  • Operating systems used for testing during development: Ubuntu, Windows XP and Maemo 5

Doing a build with WebGL enabled

WebKitTools/Scripts/build-webkit --qt --3d-canvas

Trying out WebGL implementation

You can try out WebGL with QtTestBrowser by enabling WebGL support from the menu. For optimal performance, enable QGraphicsView with QGLWidget viewport and accelerated compositing. With this configuration, it is possible to create shared OpenGL context and framebuffer object of the WebGL viewport can be rendered with QGLWidget::drawTexture().