Welcome to the S60WebKit Project!

About S60Webkit

During 2005, Nokia's S60 browser development team ported WebKit to the S60 platform. The S60WebKit project was born and from the S60 3rd edition onwards, S60WebKit is the engine behind the new Web Browser for S60.

S60WebKit brought many improvements to the reliability and performance of the Web Browser for S60, and in 2006 Nokia made the decision to contribute back by opening S60WebKit development.

The S60WebKit source has been migrated onto a branch in WebKit's repository, all S60WebKit development has been moved to that environment, and everyone is invited to participate.

Which Devices use S60WebKit?

The S60 port WebKit is the rendering engine behind the S60 browser shipped with any S60 3rd Edition device. You can see a list of supported devices, as well as an online demo, here.

Getting Started

It's easy to get started with S60WebKit:

  • When you're up and running, check out Reindeer, a completely open browser that sits on top of S60WebKit

Getting Involved

Once you're up and running, we'd love you to get involved:

  • Found a bug with S60WebKit? Do you have a cool idea you'd like to share? Then let us know!


The MemoryManager, S60WebKit and Reindeer components are covered by the Nokia BSD license. The WebCore and JavaScriptCore components are covered by the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL). The Netscape Plug-in API is a ported version of the open source plug-in interface from Netscape Communications Corporation, which is covered by the Netscape Public License v1.1.

Contacting Us

Want to get in touch? Your ideas, questions and feedback are appreciated!

We use a lot of the same communication channels as the rest of the WebKit project:

  • You'll find quite a few of the S60WebKit contributors active in channel #webkit on the FreeNode IRC network (
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