Building on Windows Embedded CE

As with Apple's Windows Port, you must first follow the instructions on to install the necessary developer tools, support libraries, and check out the WebKit code.

Note that it is safest to build WebKit in your Cygwin home directory. At the moment, there seems to be an implicit assumption in the build scripts that paths will be relative to the home directory.

Required Libraries

As Windows Embedded CE supports non-x86 PE format executions, Must to remove the dependency of CoreGraphics/CoreFoundation/CFNetworking/QuickTime SDK from Windows and Mac build. with Cairo, cURL, etc. In addition, you will need to manually obtain the following libraries:

  • JPEG libraries. from IJG site, we can download newest jpeg v7
  • PNG libraries (both the -bin and -lib packages).
  • Cairo libraries (both the -bin and -dev packages). plus Pixman support and first version we need FreeType2, future, it will been replaced by Win32 font.
  • Curl software.
  • One of Unicode routines, the first version we use icu lib.

Once you have them, unpack them someplace (such as C:\WebKit\requirements) and add the underlying include and lib directories to the Visual Studio Directory list.

Building from within Visual Studio

WebKit can be built from within Visual Studio by setting two environment variables:

  • WEBKIT_OUTPUTDIR - An absolute Windows-style path pointing to the directory where you want the build products to go.
  • WEBKIT_LIBRARIES - An absolute Windows-style path pointing to the WebKitLibraries/win folder in your WebKit checkout.
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