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List of unmaintained features in WebKit


  • Feature (list of ports enabling it)

List (sorted alphabetically):

  • CSS Grid Layout (none)
  • CSS Flex Box (all?)
  • CSS Variables (none)
  • File System API (none)
  • Gesture Events (OS X)
  • HTML Dialog Element (none)
  • HTML Template Element ()
  • HTML notifications -- re-apply to remove
  • IndexedDB (GTK, EFL)
  • Memory Instrumentation (all)
  • Navigation Timing - WEB_TIMING (none)
  • RequestAutocomplete (none)
  • Threaded HTML Parser (none)
  • Web Inspector (most)
  • Shadow DOM (Only Web-facing APIs are guarded by this flag) (mac port does not use it. I am not sure other ports)