Build and runtime dependencies provided by the SDK can be locally overridden, the advantage of this setup is that it allows for local development against development versions of dependencies relying on the Meson build-system.

When the environment variable WEBKIT_SDK_LOCAL_DEPS is set at compile-time and runtime, some dependencies (currently only libsoup and GStreamer) will be picked up from local git checkouts located in Tools/flatpak/local-projects/. If no checkout is present, one will be made based on the corresponding .wrap file.

Additional Meson options can be supplied with WEBKIT_SDK_LOCAL_DEPS_OPTIONS. Nested subprojects configuration is supported as well.

Enabling local dependencies during the WebKit build

$ export WEBKIT_SDK_LOCAL_DEPS=libsoup,gstreamer-full 
$ build-webkit --wpe ...

Passing additional options example:

export WEBKIT_SDK_LOCAL_DEPS_OPTIONS="-Dgstreamer-full:introspection=disabled -Dgst-plugins-good:soup=disabled"

Runtime setting

The same variable needs to be set at runtime:

$ export WEBKIT_SDK_LOCAL_DEPS=libsoup,gstreamer-full 
$ run-minibrowser --wpe ...
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