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Gardening schedule

  • Calendar:
    • The following calendar contains the list of people that are scheduled to keep an eye on the bots and work that week on Gardening. If you are volunteering to do some gardening, feel free to add yourself on any day. Is ok to have more than one gardener per day. If that happens, the gardeners working that day should try to coordinate to avoid working on the same tests and repeating work.
Day Gardeners
Sundays Nobody
Mondays cgarcia or mcatanzaro
Tuesdays cturner or aperez
Wednesdays ms2ger or aboya
Thursdays magomez or clopez
Fridays zdobersek or csaavedra
Saturdays Nobody
  • Detailed calendar:
Day of 2018 Gardener
Mon 01 Jan mcatanzaro
Tue 02 Jan aperez
Wed 03 Jan aboya
Thu 04 Jan clopez
Fri 05 Jan csaavedra
Mon 08 Jan cgarcia
Tue 09 Jan cturner
Wed 10 Jan ms2ger
Thu 11 Jan magomez
Fri 12 Jan zdobersek
Mon 15 Jan mcatanzaro
Tue 16 Jan aperez
Wed 17 Jan aboya
Thu 18 Jan clopez
Fri 19 Jan csaavedra
Mon 22 Jan cgarcia
Tue 23 Jan cturner
Wed 24 Jan ms2ger
Thu 25 Jan magomez
Fri 26 Jan zdobersek
Mon 29 Jan mcatanzaro
Tue 30 Jan aperez
Wed 31 Jan aboya
Thu 01 Feb clopez
Fri 02 Feb csaavedra
Mon 05 Feb cgarcia
Tue 06 Feb cturner
Wed 07 Feb ms2ger
Thu 08 Feb magomez
Fri 09 Feb zdobersek
Mon 12 Feb mcatanzaro
Tue 13 Feb aperez
Wed 14 Feb aboya
Thu 15 Feb clopez
Fri 16 Feb csaavedra
Mon 19 Feb cgarcia
Tue 20 Feb cturner
Wed 21 Feb ms2ger
Thu 22 Feb magomez
Fri 23 Feb zdobersek
Mon 26 Feb mcatanzaro
Tue 27 Feb aperez
Wed 28 Feb aboya
Thu 01 Mar clopez
Fri 02 Mar csaavedra
Mon 05 Mar cgarcia
Tue 06 Mar cturner
Wed 07 Mar ms2ger
Thu 08 Mar magomez
Fri 09 Mar zdobersek
Mon 12 Mar mcatanzaro
Tue 13 Mar aperez
Wed 14 Mar aboya
Thu 15 Mar clopez
Fri 16 Mar csaavedra
Mon 19 Mar cgarcia
Tue 20 Mar cturner
Wed 21 Mar ms2ger
Thu 22 Mar magomez
Fri 23 Mar zdobersek
Mon 26 Mar mcatanzaro
Tue 27 Mar aperez
Wed 28 Mar aboya
Thu 29 Mar clopez
Fri 30 Mar csaavedra

Gardeners are not expected to work during vacation days, travel days, etc.

Gardening log entries from 2018






  • Fixed four a11y failures in
  • Gardening bug:
    • TestWebKitAPI/glib/TestExpectations.json: TestWebKitFindController failure was fixed in r227418.
    • TestExpectations:
      • Remove expectation for css3/parse-alignment-of-root-elements.html (rebaselined in r227432).
    • css3/flexbox/csswg/flexbox_flex-natural-mixed-basis-auto.html: Started failing in r226404; this applies the change from to make it pass again.
    • platform/gtk/TestExpectations:
      • Add expectation for http/wpt/fetch/response-opaque-clone.html (failing since the test change in r227339).
    • platform/wpe/TestExpectations:
      • Remove expectation for fast/canvas/fallback-content.html (started passing in r226814-r226837, inclusive).
      • Override generic failure expectation for imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/2dcontext/transformations/canvas_transformations_reset_001.html (it has been passing for as long as it has run).
      • Update path for imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/css/css-grid/grid-items/grid-items-sizing-alignment-001.html after r225561.
      • Remove expectation for fast/events/tabindex-focus-blur-all.html (started passing in r226814-r226837, inclusive).
      • Add expectation for http/wpt/fetch/response-opaque-clone.html (failing since the test change in r227339).
      • Add expectation for http/wpt/webrtc/third-party-frame-ice-candidate-filtering.html (failing since it was added).
      • Add expectation for fast/canvas/webgl/simulated-vertexAttrib0-invalid-indicies.html (failing since it was added).
      • Skip fast/text/user-installed-fonts/ (the feature is not supported).
      • Remove expectation for imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encrypted-media/clearkey-mp4-unique-origin.html (rebaselined in r226965).
      • Remove expectation for imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encrypted-media/clearkey-generate-request-disallowed-input.html (rebaselined in r226965).
      • Mark perf/show-hide-table-rows.html as flaky (as was intended).


2018-01-17 imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/html/semantics/text-level-semantics/the-br-element/br-bidi-in-inline-ancestors.html [ Pass Timeout ] fast/hidpi/filters-hue-rotate.html [ Pass ImageOnlyFailure ] media/track/track-in-band-subtitles-too-large.html [ Failure Crash ] media/track/track-in-band-subtitles-too-large.html [ Failure Crash Timeout ]

-- - Wed Jan 17 2018











Gardening log entries from previous years