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Add link to long-tap context-menu bug

WebKitGTK+ Roadmap

Task Bug numbers Primary contacts Status Target version
Use bmalloc #140162 Žan Doberšek ongoing 2.8
IndexedDB (Database Process) #139491 CarlosGarciaCampos ongoing 2.8
beforeunload events #140162 CarlosGarciaCampos ongoing 2.8
Web Notifications #61140 Gustavo Noronha done 2.8
Editor API #137116 Tomas Popela ongoing 2.8
Threaded compositor #118265 Gwang Yoon Hwang ongoing 2.10
Blocking plugins API #134357 Marcos Chavarría Teijeiro ongoing 2.10
Sandboxing #110014 Michael Catanzaro ongoing 2.10
Mixed content blocking #140625 Michael Catanzaro ongoing 2.10
Use FTL 2.10
WebRTC #124288 Philippe Normand stalled
Media Source Extensions #140078
Color chooser API #98935 Arnaud Renevier stalled
Pointer Lock API #99036 Anton Obzhirov stalled
Kinetic scrolling for pan gesture todo
Overshoot animation todo
Touch friendly text selection todo
Zoom to contents on double tap todo
Context menu on long tap #140747 Adrián Pérez de Castro todo
Print Preview #79226 Carlos García Campos todo
Win32 support (printing, IPC, etc.) todo
Python web extension loader #140745 Adrián Pérez de Castro todo