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WebKitGTK+ Roadmap

Task Bug numbers Primary contacts Status Target version
Use bmalloc #140162 Žan Doberšek ongoing 2.8
IndexedDB (Database Process) #139491 CarlosGarciaCampos ongoing 2.8
beforeunload events #140162 CarlosGarciaCampos ongoing 2.8
Web Notifications #61140 Gustavo Noronha done 2.8
Editor API #137116 Tomas Popela ongoing 2.8
Threaded compositor #118265 Gwang Yoon Hwang ongoing 2.10
Blocking plugins API #134357 Marcos Chavarría Teijeiro ongoing 2.10
Sandboxing #110014 Michael Catanzaro ongoing 2.10
Mixed content blocking #140625 Michael Catanzaro ongoing 2.10
Use FTL 2.10
WebRTC #124288 Philippe Normand stalled
Media Source Extensions #140078
Color chooser API #98935 Arnaud Renevier stalled
Pointer Lock API #99036 Anton Obzhirov stalled
Kinetic scrolling for pan gesture todo
Overshoot animation todo
Touch friendly text selection todo
Zoom to contents on double tap todo
Context menu on long tap Adrián Pérez de Castro todo
Print Preview #79226 Carlos García Campos todo
Win32 support (printing, IPC, etc.) todo
Python web extension loader #140745 Adrián Pérez de Castro todo