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The GTK port of WebKit is intended to provide a browser component for the portable GTK UI toolkit. WebKitGTK is developed within the official WebKit SVN. The WebKit Buildbot provides continuous build and layout tests.

To handle stability and security support, the GTK port issues periodic stable releases.

Developers interested in using or contributing to the GTK port should be willing to get their hands dirty at this stage. Patches are welcome on the bug tracker and help is readily available at #webkitgtk on and the mailing list for developers who want to learn the ropes.



See WebKitGTK/Debugging for further instructions on debugging the code.

Getting Involved

Newbies introduction

WebKit is such a huge project that it is good to have some introductory steps to start hacking in the project.

Reporting Bugs

You can file a bug against WebKitGTK by using this template. Remember to include the version of WebKitGTK or revision number / commit hash that you are using in the bug summary. It's very important to include a minimal, reproducible test case, whether it be a snippet of HTML or a bit of C code. The QtWebKit port has provided some excellent tips for good bug reports.

Running Tests

See the instructions for running tests.


One of the best ways to learn about the WebKitGTK internals and start hacking is doing some Gardening

Maintenance Tips

Some tips on maintaining a high-quality WebKitGTK


The WebKit/GTK API follows a stable additions-only policy. The core engine is continually being stabilised and is suitable for most embedding tasks. Distributors should get in touch with the upstream maintainers to be sure they're packaging the correct version.

We have posted some detailed information about WebKitGTK+ Stable Releases.


Debian Unstable provides experimental WebKit/GTK packages by Mike Hommey.

Debian has organised a packaging team for WebKit:


Ebuilds supporting both Gtk+-3.0 Gtk+-2.0 (webkit-gtk:2) are available in portage and are parallel-installable:

# emerge -v1a webkit-gtk webkit-gtk:2

Ebuilds for unstable branch of WebKitGTK are available from gnome-overlay.


Lunar provides an experimental/development module for WebKit/GTK. It can be found in the moonbase in the experimental (zbeta) section under the name 'WebKit.'

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