WebKitGTK+ and WPE WebKit in Five Minutes

by Michael Catanzaro


  • Web engine for GNOME desktop
  • User in:
    • Epiphany web browser
    • Multiple email clients
    • Documentation viewer and IDE
    • Online accounts sign-in
    • Captive portal helped
    • File previewer
    • Dozens of third-party applications
  • Turns up in odd proprietary products
  • Fuzzed by Project Zero to find Safari issues

WPE WebKit

  • Simply WebKitGTK+without the GTK+ dependency
  • Best WebKit port for embedded devices
  • Downstream fork is used in tens of millions of consumer set-top boxes (plus smaller projects too!)
  • Main source of funding for Igalia’s work on WebKit
  • JSC 32-bit JIT is essential
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