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Gardening schedule

  • Calendar:
    • The following calendar contains the list of people that are scheduled to keep an eye on the bots and work that week on Gardening. If you are volunteering to do some gardening, feel free to add yourself on any day. Is ok to have more than one gardener per day. If that happens, the gardeners working that day should try to coordinate to avoid working on the same tests and repeating work.
Day Gardeners
Sundays Nobody
Mondays cgarcia or mcatanzaro
Tuesdays cturner or aperez
Wednesdays ms2ger or aboya
Thursdays magomez or clopez
Fridays zdobersek or csaavedra
Saturdays Nobody

Gardening log entries from 2017


  • Reported and fixed regression in 4 related tests:
  • http/wpt/beacon/cors/cors-preflight-arraybufferview-failure.html
  • http/wpt/beacon/cors/cors-preflight-arraybufferview-success.html
  • imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/fetch/api/basic/request-headers.any.html -


imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/fetch/api/basic/request-headers.any.html. Probably also aff

  • Bisected and reported regression in


Actually that test file has been failing since earlier than reported,

possibly for unrelated reasons, but it was in r220751 when the test output changed for the last time.

-- - Wed Aug 16 2017


Next gardener:

  • Focus on flakes, unexpected passes, and API test failures

-- - Tue Aug 15 2017


  • Fixed some crashes on debug:
  • That side-tracked me for today's duties.
  • r220352 is causing quite a lot of crashes in the garden I guess since Monday. I've let the author know on one of the existing gardening bug reports. Don't have time to mark all the crashes in bugzilla.
  • r220352 was fixed by r220416

Next gardener:

  • Focus on getting WPE green for now rather than wrestling with GTK+

-- - Tue Aug 08 2017

Gardening log entries from previous years