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2014 WebKit contributor's meeting is held on Apple's Infinite Loop campus in Cupertino on Tuesday, April 15, and Wednesday, April 16

Talks/Discussions (host) [would attend!]

  • What can be removed? Are there crufty ENABLE or USE flags that no remaining port uses? Can we turn some on by default?
  • CSS Regions - Past, Present and Future (abucur)[Zoltan]
  • What are all the smart pointers for? Ref, RenderPtr etc? (kling?) [bemjb, spenap]
  • What are all the iterators for? descendantsOfType<> etc? (anttik?) [kling, spenap]
  • CSS Custom Properties (astearns) [rniwa, bemjb] wiki
  • CSS Grid Layout - Current status and roadmap. (lajava) [bemjb, betravis]
  • Subpixel layout. How it works, how to write subpixel-friendly code. (zalan?) [rniwa, bemjb]
  • Security - Address Sanitizer, Fuzzing, etc. (ddkilzer?) [rniwa, bemjb, Zoltan, spenap]
  • CSS Shapes - status and future (bemjb, Zoltan)
  • Talk about floats and continuations. (bemjb) [Zoltan]
  • Web Inspector - status and future direction. (xenon?) [bemjb, betrays, Zoltan]
  • Performance Tests and Dashboard - (rniwa) [Zoltan, spenap]
  • What is UI-side compositing? (smfr/thorton)
  • Web Components (rniwa) [spenap]
  • Performance Optimizations (anttik?)
  • Improving Selection Painting Code (enrica?/hyatt?) [rniwa]
  • iOS Simulator WebKit Nightly - is it possible to create? (ddkilzer)
  • Subtree style / layout invalidation (hyatt?) [weinig]
  • What in the world is bmalloc? (ggaren?) [weinig]
  • Dramatic reading of webkit-help emails (andersca, dino)

Hackathons (host) [would attend!]

  • Finally get rid of DeprecatedStyleBuilder (krit?). [review?]
  • Import more W3C tests (rniwa) [bemjb]
  • Add funny webkitbot/WKR commands.
  • Get rid of various WebCore export generators.
  • Fix issues found with Undefined Behavior Sanitizer (UBSan). (ddkilzer)
  • Properly track and cleanup overhanging and intruding floats. (bemjb)
  • Fix All The Security Bugs™. (ddkilzer) [bemjb]



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