THIS IS NO LONGER SUPPORTED. See for the new setup.

Example using the new setup:

export WEBKIT_SDK_LOCAL_DEPS_OPTIONS="-Dgstreamer-full:gpl=enabled \
       -Dgstreamer-full:examples=disabled \
       -Dgstreamer-full:tests=disabled \
       -Dgstreamer-full:doc=disabled \
       -Dgstreamer-full:qt5=disabled \
       -Dgstreamer-full:devtools=disabled \
       -Dgstreamer-full:python=disabled \
       -Dgstreamer-full:ges=disabled \
       -Dgstreamer-full:introspection=disabled \
       -Dgst-plugins-bad:wpe=disabled \
       -Dgst-plugins-good:v4l2-gudev=disabled \

export WEBKIT_SDK_LOCAL_DEPS=gstreamer-full

deprecated Enabling gst-build

gst-build is the aggregated build system for GStreamer developers. If you want to test WebKit with bleeding edge GStreamer, this is the way. The Flatpak SDK has built-in support for gst-build:

$ git clone ~/
$ export GST_BUILD_ARGS="-Dexamples=disabled -Dtests=disabled -Ddoc=disabled -Dqt5=disabled -Dgst-plugins-good:v4l2-gudev=disabled -Dpython=disabled -Dges=disabled -Ddevtools=disabled -Dintrospection=disabled -Dgst-plugins-bad:wpe=disabled"
$ export GST_BUILD_PATH=$HOME/gst-build
$ build-webkit ...
$ run-minibrowser ...

The GST_BUILD_PATH env var should be set both at build time and run time. The GST_BUILD_ARGS env var is optional, but recommended.

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